In order to maximise performance, we need to find ways to make those marginal gains.


Increases the awareness of how the body moves

Leads to greater efficiency of movement

Isolates movements in different parts of the body

Works deep core muscles, as well as the superficial ones

Improves core stability and so reduces the risk of injury

Aids recovery from injury

“Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and lose all vital benefit.”

Joseph Pilates

Many sports focus on repeating a limited range of movements over and over again. This can cause muscle imbalance which eventually results in injury. In order to maintain optimum condition, the body needs to move regularly in all directions, Pilates teaches you to do this in a systematic and controlled manner.

Injury often happens when the body is pushed to an extreme it cannot handle, due to poor posture and an imbalance between over-developed and under-developed muscles. Pilates helps sportspeople to understand where a particular movement should come from and how the movement feels when performed correctly in order to minimise strain on the body.

The correct performance of a very specific movement can also provide those sought after marginal gains.